Handle Carving With Alaska Animals Motif

In this article we will show you 2 types of handle carving that reflect Alaska animal motif. This carving is not only used for walking handle cane or knives handle, it can be use also as standing carving. You can put the base under the carving to make it standing.

For handle carving we only use deer shed antler for the material cause this material has thick surface and long  shape, so we can make it based on the motif that we want to carved. The color of this material is very nice and natural, so every item which  made from this material has different color.

OK, please have a look two videos below for your reference:

Various Alaska Animals Handle Carving with Indian

As you see in the video, you can see the various Alaskan animals like eagle, cougar, bear wolf, horse and combined with Indian face. The size of the carving is 120 mm height, 77 mm width and 27 mm diameter at the bottom.

Fighting Bear Handle Carving

This is nice design that show the fighting bear or we can say also the playing bear. The size is 108 mm height, 58 mm width and 23-28 mm diameter at the bottom.

All of our carvings are hand made and all produced in our beautiful island, Bali island. Bali is a part of Indonesia country which located in South East Asia.

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