Monday, June 24, 2013

Dragon Carved Bone Pendants

Another model of the famous animal carving is dragon. This carving is good sales in our store. We usually make 2 types of dragon, Chinese dragon and European dragon.
Most of this carvings are made to be dragon carved bone pendants. Sometime we also we made a dragon statue.

Dragon carved bone pendants is made from different materials. There is made from buffalo bone, deer shed antler and buffalo bone in antique color.

Below you will find the picture for your reference:

European Dragon Carved Antler
As you see in below picture, the left picture is 3-D European dragon and the right one is just relief. All this pendants are made from deer shed antler.


Chinese Dragon Carved Bone Pendants
This bone pendant is Chinese style dragon. On the left side is made from deer shed antler and on the right side is made from buffalo bone. 

European Dragon Carved Bone Pendant
This bone pendant is European style carving. It is made from buffalo bone.

Chinese Dragon Carved Bone Pendants
This bone pendants are made in antique color. The antique color like brownish is made from the tea. It looks antique and you can see the carving more detail.

All of the dragon carved bone pendants are set with sterling silver bale and carved only by our master carver.

All of our carvings are hand made and all produced in our beautiful island, Bali island. Bali is a part of Indonesia country which located in South East Asia.