Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Owl Carved Bone Pendants

Today we will show you the bone carving with owl model: owl carved bone pendants. This is popular bone carvings and many people like it as bone jewelry especially for bone pendants.
This kind of carving we make it in buffalo bone and deer shed antler.

For finishing item, you can see a model with antique color. This color is made from the tea, so the color is brownish.  All the bone pendants are set with sterling silver bale and made by our master carver.

OK, let us show you the owl carved bone pendants as follows:

Owl Group Carved Bone Pendants
This carving is antiqued with tea color, so as you see the color is brownish. It is made from buffalo bone.

Owl Carved Bone Pendants 
There is 2 models of the owl as 2 below images. The material is from buffalo bone.

Flying Owl Carved Bone Pendants
It is really nice pendant and carved from buffalo bone.

Owl Head Carved Antler Pendant
This is really really nice owl pendant. Although it is small, but it is popular for the customers. It is made from deer shed antler.

Owl Carved Antler Pendant
The material uses deer shed antler burr where the owl is carved inside the burr  The owl stands on the tree branch.

3-D Owl Carved Antler Pendant
Cute owl pendant that is made from deer shed antler. The pendant is carved all around so you can see in 3 dimensions.

All of our carvings are hand made and all produced in our beautiful island, Bali island. Bali is a part of Indonesia country which located in South East Asia.