Lion Carved Bone Pendants

Lion Carved Bone Pendants are one of the most nice model carving and also good in sales. The animal can be made by the head only or the full body. It is depend on the material. Like buffalo bone, it is good only for relief and for deer shed antler is good for relieve and 3 dimension carving.

Lion Carved Bone Pendants below are made from type of the material: buffalo bone, deer shed antler and tagua nut. All the carving is set with sterling silver bale. This is the picture as follows:

Lion Carved Bone Pendants
 Lion Head Carved Bone Pendants

Lion Head Carved Bone Pendants in Antler
 Lion Carved Bone Pendants in Antler

Lion Carved Bone Pendants in Tagua Nut

For the first row picture, the material is from buffalo bone, the second row the material is from deer shed antler (antler burr) and the third row is from tagua nut.

All of the lion carved bone pendants above are produced by handmade by our master carver in Bali island which located in Indonesia.

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